Letter App
14 December 2020

Letter to Hubspot is here ğŸŽ‰, the first of the Letter export plugins. Read about it below, along with a couple more updates (Account settings layout, and first Pro customers 💙)

This will let you export templates from Letter to Hubspot in one click. See the video for an overview:

How to access it

You can access Hubspot Export from the export button in the top right of the editor. Along with the previous export options, you'll now see a new one called 'Export to Email Platform':

  • Copy to clipboard

  • Open in CodePen

  • Send Test Email

  • 🆕 Export to Email Platform 💥

Upon selecting it, a list of supported email platforms will be presented in a modal. Hubspot is available right now, and you'll now also see that Mailjet and Mailchimp are coming soon. If you have a preference, get in touch!

Account Settings layout

This release also includes a new Account Settings layout, with a plugins tab to see what's available:

This feature is available for Pro members only. If you have any questions about Pro, or using Letter with your own templates, let me know.

Thank you for supporting Letter!

Also, a massive thanks to the first Letter Pro customers! This has been an awesome surprise, as I hadn't promoted the app was for sale yet. In what has been such a tough year for us all, your support means a lot, and it makes building the vision possible.